Centers of Excellence


Competitive Discounts, Access and Stability

The Network produces consistently outstanding results:

* Comprehensive coverage in urban and rural markets eliminates the “patchwork” approach
* Wide-ranging access and provider availability meets employers’ needs for inpatient and outpatient services
* Flexible repricing solutions, including remote pricing and electronic submission, streamlining administration
* Outstanding customer service consistently supports clients, members and providers

With Our National PPO Network, Clients Enjoy:

Broad access

Approximately 4,700 hospitals participate in our network
Approximately 500,000 doctors and health care professionals
98 percent of the U.S. population has access to a provider in our network

More than 99 percent of hospitals remain with us year after year
More than 96 percent of doctors remain with us year after year
Carefully Credentialed Providers

We are committed to patient safety at a high level by exercising care in the selection and evaluation of providers for our network. Thorough credentialing and recredentialing processes minimize unfavorable risks, which in turn, impacts clinical and cost outcomes.

Strong Provider Relations = Network Success

Relationships with providers are an important part of our success. Our dedicated staff strive to resolve provider inquiries and appeals in a timely and efficient manner. We monitor our service for quality factors, including turnaround times and provider satisfaction.