Is there a toll free service available from outside the United States?
The back of every policyholder’s insurance card has all of the information that you or your provider should need to contact Sanus Health Corporation. This card also provides toll free and emergency telephone contact information for both you and your doctor or hospital should the need arise.
What fax number should I use to reach Sanus Health Corporation?
What is the company's main telephone number?
Does Sanus Health Corporation have a Post Office Box?
Sanus Health Corporation
P.O. Box 227098 Miami, Florida, 33122
What is the company's physical address?
9600 N.W. 38th Street, Suite #300 Doral Florida 33178
What is Sanus Health Corporation’s policy on preventive medical care?
Helping you stay healthy through preventive medical care is one of our primary goals. Periodic medical check-ups, stress tests, mammograms, and other such diagnostic tests may help your physician detect potential problems at an early stage. It is important to undergo these tests periodically, depending on your age, gender and physical well being. We also encourage you to seek early medical treatment when a change in bodily function occurs. Sanus Health Corporation also offers other programs designed to help people with chronic illnesses, such as asthma or diabetes. Please note coverage for preventive care depends on insurance coverage. Contact a Sanus Health Corporation Patient Assistance Center representative for more information by calling 305-572-9756 or sending an email to info@sanushealth.com
Does Sanus Health Corporation sell travel or health insurance?
No, Sanus Health Corporation is not an insurer. We work with many large insurers worldwide but will never compete with our clients by offering or even sponsoring our own health or travel plans.
I have a meeting at your company. How do I get there?
Please visit our "Contact Us" section of our site. You will find detailed directions and even a customizable map that you may print to take with you.
Where can I find information about working at Sanus Health?
Please send an email to info@sanushealth.com
I am a resident of a country other than the US and I would like to know if my health insurer is a client of Sanus Health. How can I find out?
Please send an email to info@sanushealth.com, call us at 305-572-9756, or you can contact your insurer/broker.
Who can be a client of Sanus Health Corporation?
A Sanus Health Corporation client can be an insurance company, a large self-insured corporation, a reinsurer, a church group or any organization that will be paying for the medical care of individuals outside their home country.
Who is Sanus Health Corporation?
Sanus Health Corporation is an insurance service provider offering an array of products to insurance carriers, assistance and referral entities, employer "self-funded" plans both private and government, third party administrators and re-insurers